meet the designer

Hello! I’m Cherrelle, aka Chell the Mother of ChellBells Cakes. I’ve always been creative, right from the word go. I have always had the need to create, design and imagine, it's where I feel I can be fully me, it’s my safe place. Creativity brings me to life. This passion for being creative and my love of baking steered me to creating ChellsBells Cakes.

I’ve always loved baking, although
since having children I had found a love for cake designing! As my children grew, I would make them their birthday cakes. This led to me making cakes for my family and friends cakes in order to practice new techniques and styles! Self-taught, I have spent countless hours experimenting, learning and practicing and it was all been totally worth it.

Each creation comes from the heart. My goal is to bring you joy and happy memories that you’ll cherish, by taking your thoughts, hopes, and inspirations, and turning them into the most gorgeous cake your eyes have ever seen.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

- Pablo Picasso